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Blanchard Goaltending: Article - Importance of Concentration
Article #1

Article #1 - The Importance of Concentration

A goaltender must have great concentration in the crease at all times. To concentrate means to be constantly aware of your surroundings. This means being constantly aware of your position in your net and aware of the play. You must be able to know who is on the ice at all times by keeping aware of the line and player changes.

A goalie who is concentrating does not hear all the distrations that are going on around him/her. The fans and other players can all generate distractions which can pull the goalie away from his concentration. A goalie who is truly concentrating will only be aware of what is happening on the ice surface.

A goalie who is focused and concentrating will not give up bad goals due to lack of concentration. Through proper concentration the goalie will always be there when the team needs a big save at the key time.

After a goal (especially a bad goal) the goalie must regain composure and not allow that goal to spoil his or her concentration.

Here are some tips to help you remained focused and increase your concentration.

1. Keep the Score of the game.
2. Never give up first goal.
3. Watch the puck at all times.
4. Talk to defense/players in zone and on face-offs
5. Focus on handling puck quickly if needed, catch team on transition.
6. Visualize your saves (eg. on 5 vs 4 man open on side of net you butterfly across to defend a sure goal).

Relaxition is another component of maintaining concentration, a goalie who is properly prepared for the game through hard work and practice will be able to relax. It is important to work on the little things so that they become habit. Good mental preparation before the game is also a key component to enhance the goalie's concentration. Visualization of game situations, such as two on one's , breakaways, and rebounds , can assist the goalie with their concentration and confidence during the game.

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