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Dry Land Training - July 2014
Article 15

Article #15 - Dry Land Training
Composed by Kristopher Lutwick, NSCA-CPT

Items required:

  1. 1. 8M ladder
  2. 6. Chair or ledge
  3. 2. Cones
  4. 7. Dowel
  5. 3. Foam roller
  6. 8. Hurtles
  7. 4. Medicine ball
  8. 9. Reaction ball
  9. 5. Toning bands
  10. 10. Yoga mat

Dry Land Training - Workouts
Hover over exercise titles to view images

Ladder front and back
Iron cross cone drill
Band row
Heel touches

Day 1

Ladder two feet lateral
Band fly (chest)
V cone drill
V sit hold
Push up
Band press (chest)
Walking lunges forward
Band twist
3 cone drill (lateral)
Band triceps extension
Plank on medicine ball
Windshield wipers
Ladder hop in, hop out two feet
Band fly (shoulders)
Spiderman push up
Band press (shoulders)
Reverse ladder lateral two feet
One hand band press (chest, quick)
Medicine ball sit up
Over and back with band
Ladder (3 different patterns)
Split squat
Quick feet
Incline push up
Spider walk with band

Day 4

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