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Blanchard Goaltending: Article - The Butterfly
Article #3

Article #3 - The Butterfly

The Butterfly has dominanted the game for the last ten years as the best position to stop the puck down low , through the success of Patrick Roy, Ed Belfour, and Dominick Hasek.

My theory is the Butterfly save is a great save selection if used correctly by younger goaltenders and not over used to the point goalies are getting out of position by going down to quick....thus creates holes in the top of the net and wide open backdoor plays. . By being patient(staying on feet) on long shots you are in the best position to react to high shots or low shots thus dominanting the opposing players with great save selection and a great butterfly system on body and low shots.

The Butterfly save starts in your stance feet shoulder width apart and lower your knees to the ice covering low part of the net and 5 Hole.,both legs in a V with pads completely on the ice square to ice . The extension of your legs depends on your flexibility in the knees, hip flexor and inner groin area.through proper training and stretching this area can improve dramatically.

Key Points

- Keep stick on ice in 5 Hole
- upper body upright to obtain full net coverage
- Both knees on ice and legs extended to sides (toes pointing downwards)
- Gloves in front of body ready
- Elbows tight to body to eliminate goals going through arms

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